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Yeasu FT-7800 Remote Mount

Fed up with the cost of Hard-line and other types of High-End, Low Loss Coax, and the lack of performance on UHF from RG-8U and RG-8X, I decided to take advantage of the ability of my FT-7800 to be controlled remotely. Though I'd never read of anyone using one with much longer then 10 or 20 feet of separation, I decided to push the envelope.

I've used 200 feet of Cat-5 Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling, with a UV resistant jacket, to connect the head and speaker to the radio. Cat-5 has 8 conductors, so it is ideal for this application. 6 conductors are used for the radio's control, and the remaining two for the audio from the radio.

The radio itself is enclosed in a weatherproof ABS Plastic box, normally used for yard sprinkler timers. This solution was MUCH less expensive then the metal weatherproof enclosures used for electrical equipment. An 8-inch run of RG-8U from the Radio to an SO-259 chassis mount connector attached to the outside of the enclosure and 50 feet of 12-gauge UV resistant, 2 conductor wire for power complete the system.

The enclosure is mounted to the mast with a stand-off normally used for mounting light-duty masts to buildings. The control cable and power wires are zip-tied together and to the mast, then strung in to the house through a 3rd story window that is located about 2/3 the way up the mast. An Astron 35 amp switching power supply is located near the window to feed power, and the control head is in my living room another 100 feet away. There is also a 100-foot PS/2 Extention Cable connected to the radio to allow me to send Packet Data or program the radio with FTB7800. The radio is connected to a MFJ-1526 Ultra High Gain 2m/70cm Dual Band Base antenna with 24 inches of RG-8X Coax. The connectors are sealed with Self-Vulcanizing Silicone Tape.

The system operates flawlessly and I am now able to work 70cm repeaters that are more then 50 miles away, and still receive them S9.

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